Brand owners have so many operational details to take care of. Especially nowadays as consumers have numerous options to choose from so their staff must cater their demands promptly and might not be able to manage other aspects of the brand’s physical store; from developing seasonal display’s, re-merchandising products and much more. Retail is detail indeed. 

Experienceelia will assist you in creating the perfect shopping experience to encourage customers to talk about it, share it, maximize their visit duration, and most importantly their spending.

Services Offered:

  • Develop a visual merchandising strategy that aligns with the client’s brand, product mix, and target audience.

  • Design engaging window display, in-store display, and product grouping to Increase impulse purchases.

  • Utilizing space and maximizing the brand's potential by identifying potential revenue streams.

  • Sourcing and installing the needed logistics (props, fixtures, signage...etc.).


  • Employee visual merchandising principles to convert window shoppers into buyers.

  • Promote new line launches, seasonal themes, or promotional seasons such as sales season.

  • Raise consumer's return rate to maximize the client’s profits and help them achieve their targets.


For Whom? 

The most common clients are retailers and mall operators however by definition “visual merchandising is the practice of optimizing the presentation of products and services to highlight their benefits to attract and motivate customers towards making a purchase”.


So it includes any business that offers merchandise such as:

  • Hospitality & Leisure 

  • Fitness Centers & Gyms

  • Wellness & Beauty (Spas & Salons)


  • For Clients Only: Vendors Outsourcing and Project Management:

Commission and oversee third party’s such as artists, photographers, videographers, graphic designers, printers on projects and ensure timely completion of the client’s deliverables.